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Ladka Kurzrock


My name is Ladka Kurzrock, I was born in the Czech Republic. In 2008 I left my home country and became an expatriate who lived in different parts of the world namely in Austria, India, China and currently live in Sydney, Australia. In Sydney I developed further my skills and became a professional photographer. My work has been exhibited in international group exhibitions and photography festivals in the US, Canada and Europe, in BBC News "in Pictures" and recently also platinum winner by European Photography Awards and honorable mention by International Photography Awards.


As an expatriate being introduced to different and vibrant cultures on a daily basis, I wanted to capture and freeze my impressions and memories through photos. Some people keep a diary, but I prefer to take photos as a chronicle of my life. Photography is a powerful visual language and does not require a translator. It's universal and connects us with each other regardless of where we live. 

What excites me about taking photos is the fact that a photo can freeze a special moment or situation forever. Our lives are about collecting memories. Photos can defeat time and keep our memories alive. For me, going out with my camera is a journey which helps me stay in the present moment, visualise, create and connect. Taking photos is a way to express myself through my perception of everyday life and the beauty of this world.

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